Walt Hriniak

  Memorabilia from Walt Hriniak

baseball career that

Harry Regician purchased

over a 30 PLUS year time frame.

Has EVERYTHING to do with

video #14 titled;

"Happy Belated Fathers Day"

matching the voice referred to

in the video with the voice print

of Walt Hriniak's voice print.

Thanks for calling me and

telling me;

"I hear your interested

in Sarah Avon"

( Harry is startled by

receiving this phone call. )

Harry's reply;

"Yes I am."

(Heavy breathing)

"Your a real wise ass arn't you!"

Harry's reply;

"What does that have to do with

solving crimes against children?"

(Heavy breathing)

"Some day I'll tell you all

about it."

Harry; "Why wait?"

(Heavy breathing)

"You REALLY are a wise ass!"

(Chuckle, chuckle from "Butch")

and then he hungs up.

Thus video # 14.

Walt Hriniak's professional

baseball career started

in 1961 with the

Milwaukee Braves right

out of high school.

A signup bonus

of $75,000.00 was a

great way to start.

In 1961 $75,000 was

BIG Bucks! 

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Walt Hriniak baseball career was

off to a great start with two seaons

with the  Austin Senators in the 

Double-A Texas League, batting over .300.


1964 Walt's career was cut short

due to a car accident. The

driver, pitcher Jerry Hummitzsch,

died in the crash. Walt Hrinik went

thru the wind shield.  To this date

Walt Hriniak will not talk about

that day to reporters.

It would take Hriniak 4 years to

get back to performance level.

While on his way back up in

performance, back in 1968 with

the Shreveport Braves of the

Texas League, Hriniak was

managed by Charley Lau.   

Charley Lau would have an

everlasting affect on

Walt Hriniak's future at becoming

a guru of hitting baseballs.

Walt Hrinak's coaching career

superseded his baseball career

in both longevity and salary.

As player in the Major Leagues

As coach


In 1989 the Chicago White Sox's

signed Hriniak up with a $100,000

per year 5 year contract making

Walt the highest paid coach in

baseball at that time.  While with

the White Sox's Walt worn # 6

on his White Sox's uniform in

memory of Charley Lau.

For those not familar with

Charley Lau, he played his own

role as the hitting coach for the

Chicago White Sox's in the

movie; "Max Dugan Returns".

It was also the first film role for

actor Matthew Broderick.

 1961 US Post card of Walt Hriniak

with the Milwaukee Braves.

Unkown if signature on the post

card is a printed version or

hand signed by Hriniak.

M Braves HIGH res.jpg
M Braves back 100 res.jpg

1968 post card of Walt Hriniak

with the Atlanta Braves

1969 Braves Walt Hriniak 150 x 258.jpg

1969 Topps # 611

1969 Rookie Stars with

Walt Hriniak in the middle. 

1969 Braves Hriniak Rookie FRONT 50 res.jpg
1969 Rookie Stars Braves Walt Hriniak back  90.jpg

1970 Topps # 392

1970 Topps #392

1970 Hriniak Padres FRONT  50 res.jpg
1970 Hriniak Padres back 50 res.jpg

1974 Montreal Expos

Walt Hriniak first coaching job.

1974 Expos Tema pic FRONT of  50 res.jpg
1974 Expos Tema pic back of  50 res.jpg

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