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Videos to rent are a

compilation of more than one

video.  Original copyright

was 20 videos totally 3 hours.


I have excluded  ALL of the

social media appeal videos in

the to rent videos section.


The feature videos are the

REAL "intel" of this story told

in a narrative format as they

happened in my quest to

solve this case.


Feature 1 is my first 4

videos compiled into a

34 minute run time.


This IS a


style story.

"He who is silent says yes.

The silence is the consent."

What other city has streets

named "Wacker Drive".


Feature 2 is in the works of

being compiled with videos

6, 7, 8 & 9 into OVER 40

minute run time.

Total of 4 feature videos

totaling over 2 hours

of viewing.

Video # 14

"Happy Belated Fathers Day"

is currently FREE in the hope

that someone will turn himself

in or at least hold a press 

conference as to HIS side 

of this story. 


Don't hold your breath

on that one.  

When Feature 4

is is finally compiled,

video # 14 will be removed

from free section.

This is REAL NON-Fiction


There is NO Hollywood

production quality at all. 

In fact it is garage type video

at best.  It does not get more 

amateurish than this. 


What IS important to remember

(while watching videos) is

they were made to be a

dead man's testimony

in case Harry "vanishes" like

TOO many others have in this

story.  If police do not find a

body, you "vanished".

Two females have vanished.

Sarah Avon and Kathleen Helton.

Mike Lum's ONLY son,

Chad Lum, was charged with 

murder in Austin Texas in 2010.

2012 when trial was to begin

Kathleen Helton

can not be found.


Chad Lum walks a free man

due to the prosecutors office

proclaiming there is NOT

enough evidence because the

EX-wife, Kathleen Helton,

has "vanished" too. 

Affidavits from police reports

apparently have NO value

in a court of law in Texas

come trial time in March 2012

when witnesses fail to

appear in court.

This story is copyrighted 

as NON-Fiction.

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The dots BELOW video

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As in dot 1, 2, or 3.

Pressing on dots BELOW video

player does you NO GOOD

because they are indicators as

to what page you are on

in the video section.

I learned that one the hard way.

Harry Regician