Legal Plea due to

Social injustice

for the privileged

ones in the USA.


2018 April 30th Illinois State police

in Springfield Illinois received a

DVD with 21 video’s totally over

2.2gigabytes of video and data. 

DVD outlined who Harry believes

is Sarah Avon’s REAL biological

father, name Sarah Avon was

raised under, and how the

“We Are Family”

cabal structure worked. 

This was a MAJOR amendment

to IL case #87-Z0810 that laid it

ALL out how Harry Regician

arrived to his conclusions. 

The DVD's final request was

a call to action to

“Get 2 DNA test for

2 women to see if they

have the SAME mother.”

It took 30 PLUS years to

connect the dots for this story.


YouTube video link below to

“Happy Belated Daddy's Day"

Back Ground

Back in 1987 Illinois State Sargent

Robert “Bob” Gomora, opened up

Illinois case #87-Z0810 for

Sarah Avon. 

This was AFTER Harry sent “Bob”

an old 5 ¼” floppy diskette with

over 100 pages on it to print out. 

Bob Gomora told me all the

women in the office were reading

the information as it was coming

off the printer in real time they

were so impressed.


Bob Gomora was part of the


( Illinois State Enforcement

Agencies to Recover Children)

at Illinois State Police in

Springfield IL. 

The Sarah Avon case was one of

the main reasons the ISEARCH

division was established from

what Bob Gomora told me. 


The “persons of interest” were a

professional baseball player,

Mike Lum and his charming wife, Ramona Lum, who were living in

the Chicago Illinois area in 1981 

when Sarah Avon “vanished”. 

They are Sarah Avon’s

uncle and aunt.

1981 Topps #795 Mike Lum

traded to Chicago Cubs May 81.

1981 Topps #795 Lum Traded to cubs rev 2_edited.jpg

Limited Booklet

Print Run in 2021

Serial #025


with free shipping to help

raise money for legal fees.

Comes with COA as being part of

Harry Regician's personal collection.

Click on FOIA denial below for

the details and REAL need to

raise money for legal fees.


In cases like this over 90%

of the time family members

are involved. To this date uncle

Mike Lum nor aunt Ramona Lum,

the sister of Sarah Avon's mother,

has never publicly commented

about their missing niece

Sarah Avon ever. 

“Uncle” Mike Lum has plenty of

time to talk to sports reporters

about the time Mike Lum got

to pinch hit for Hank Aaron.

The Chicago slogan;

"He who is silent says yes. 

The silences is the consent"

is very real in this case.


I will never forget when Sargent

“Bob” Gomora said to me;

“Those guys ( baseball players )

are harder to bust than the


Give me something I can use.”


When Will county detective

Lynn Jaycon found out about

me going to the Illinois State

police, she called “Bob” Gomora

in Springfield Illinois and told him;

 “This is Will County’s case.

You keep your nose out of it!”


Thus started the classic example

of interdepartmental cooperation

that too many Americans have

become accustomed to hearing.


2021 May 9th Harry reads a back

news article posted online dated;

2020-07-21 this article authored

by John Ferak in the

“Sarah Avon Disappearance:

Joliet Person Of

Interest Revealed”

(under take what you need

to prove your point)

2nd paragraph.

“Will County Sheriff's Chief

Deputy Dan Jungles said

Tuesday morning.

"The Will County Sheriff's Office

has maintained activity on this

case from the inception and has

tracked down a multitude of

leads over the course of 39

years, all of which have yet to

produce any viable evidence."

(Harry's comment ; Everybody

and their brother already knew

who Will county’s prime suspect

was back in 1986 and is now

deceased. Will county detectives

told me to investigate “Billy” way

back in 1986. Repeating the same

story over and over again is not

news. A chop shop press release

was more like it.)

DO notice in the 1st picture

in the article that Sarah Avon

has blond streaks in her hair.

Sarah’s sister, Marie,

hair is jet black.

This IS a MAJOR clue.

Next day 2020 07 22

Joliet Patch author

John Ferak

“Sarah Avon Mystery Everyone

Just Stayed Away From Billy”


Notice the first picture

Marie Avon is on the left hand

side. Sarah Avon is in the middle.

And another child on the right.

These two siblings are less than

18 months apart in age. Do their physical appearances look

even close?

Then again Harry already

learned way back in 1987

when Chuck Avon said;

“Hey pal she (Sarah Avon’s mother)

was pregnant when I meet her.”

That is a direct quote.

Even Sargent Lynn Jaycon, a

Will County detective,  said to

me back in 1986;

“Maybe her real father came

back and got her?”

Over 30 years later that

Will County detective is right.

Also of note; this is the first time

this picture has ever been released

to the press. I don’t think even the

NCMEC has this picture on file.

Even the was

caught off guard on this picture.

Nothing like reading “multitude

of leads over the course of

39 years, all of which have yet to

produce any viable evidence."

Nothing like reading this 3 years

AFTER Springfield Illinois received

the DVD.  I have never heard one

word from Illinois State Police to this

date. Below is a picture of signed

receipt that DVD package was

received  on 2018-04-30.

2018 May 5 USPS signed receipt by Illinois PC Springfield  cropped.jpg
2018 DVD sent tIL State PD.jpg

But knowing since 1987 the

working relationship between

Will County Sheriff Department

and the Illinois State Police

Department I figured


I would be safe in filing a 


(Freedom Of Information Act)

online form with Will County IL

on  2021-06-01. The request 

outlined what was received in

2018-04-30 to Springfield Illinois.

2021-06-02, the NEXT day,

Harry Regician’s FOIA request

was not only denied, it was also

followed by 2 bogus felonies

charges against Harry Regician

from Will county Sheriff’s office.

Just ask Will County  Sheriffs

Office if they received

any of the "intel" YOU sent to

Illinois State Police, in Springfield,

back in 2018-04-30 and you

INSTANTLY become a

convicted felon!

As Ronald Reagan once said;

The nine most terrifying words

in the English language are:

"I'm from the Government,

(Will county)

and I'm here to help. "

I can only imagine how many

crime stopper type tips get

tanked because it names the 

political powerful, important

people or even worse, corruption.

After reading the denial it should

be some what apparent that

Will county sheriff’s office still

does NOT communicate with the

Illinois State Police department .

It is so nice to know this trench

warfare is still going on

OVER 35 years later.

The only way legally to get local

authorities legal attention is

to obtain a "writ of mandamus".

That requires hiring an attorney

in Illinois. I do NOT have the

funding to do that.

If you know of an attorney in

Illinois who handles this type

of case please have them

read this write up. Social HELP!

A "writ of mandamus" would be

a court order that would require

Will County Sheriff's office to

request from NAMUS that the

“ 2 DNA samples to be take from

2 women to see if they have

the same mother. ”

DNA test by NAMUS are FREE

and  ONLY for law enforcement

agencies and family victims.


(Local Authority Having Jurisdiction)

is the only agency that can make

the request to NAMUS.

Individuals cannot request

DNA test from NAMUS.

Harry is NOT a direct victim of this 

"We Are Family" cabal family so a

request by Harry does not meet

federal guidelines.

NAMUS does this DNA test for

FREE at the request of any USA

law enforcement agency.

NAMUS is financed by grants from

DOJ  (Department of Justice).

NAMUS has been in the news

lately due to home office in Texas

adding RTI International in

North Carolina to handle the

North East and Michigan


To give the general public just

how long Will County Sheriffs

Office has been milking this

case for publicity reasons.

2020-07-20 CBS TV Chicago

headlines reads;

"New Age-Progression Photo

of Sarah Avon Who

Disappeared In 1981"

What CBS news was told by

Will county sheriff's office was

NOT factual in the least.

The age progression photo is

of Sarah Avon at age 38.

If Sarah Avon was alive in 2020,

Sarah Avon would be in the

45 year old range

NOT 38 years old. 

The picture is OVER SEVEN

years old and Will County

Sheriffs Office has the news

media proclaiming it

is the "most recent!"

The NAMUS photo used by

Will County Sheriffs Office

forwarded to CBS-TV Chicago

for the USUAL Press Release

on 2020-07-21 is Sarah Avon's

age-progression photograph

for age 38 years old.


The photo was CREATED on

September 20, 2013.

UPLOADED on December 9, 2013

SEVEN damn years ago.

SO MUCH for the latest age

progression photograph

by The Chicago Style and

Way of doing things.

The proof is located at

NAMUS web address below

Will county Illinois WILL spend

money to prosecute the

messenger, Harry Regician, but

refuses to contact NAMUS for

an independent DNA test that

is paid for by the US taxpayer.

It only takes 2 saliva swabs to

verify if Harry is right or wrong.

With all of the political pressure

to defund the police I not only

find Will county media releases

appalling but actually criminal. 

A 7 year old age progression

picture is NOT NEW. 


When any law enforcement agency

in America refuses to accept ANY

source of information unless it

confirms their purposes ONLY is

political minimum and possible

criminal. Law enforcement is

supposed to be part of the judicial

system.  If any civilian did the same

thing to any law enforcement

agency in this country that

civilian would be going to jail.

Case in point Will county's denial

followed by 2 felony criminal charges

( taking away your voting rights just

does not happen to a particular race

of people. All you have to do is NOT

agree with Will County Sheriffs

Office propaganda media hate 

hustling campaign of

"If it bleeds It leads"

for attention and

your life is destroyed too)

verses a statistical possibility that

over 90%of the time the provider

of an age progression is right when

family members are involved.

Will County Sheriff detective

divisions ego does NOT allow

it to admit there could

be another possibility. 


To put it even more blunt;

"You got conned!";

by Sarah Avon's mothers

side of the family.

To put this in snare-ware terms,

would you let anyone babysit your

children if the PRIME SUSPECT

 just got out of prison?


  Sarah Avon's mother did. 

Sarah Avon's mother told Harry

that "Billy was busted for

running guns". 


At that point in her bogus story

Harry Regician had to halt her

bullshit and replied; 

"Killing kids is really bad

for business.  Gun runners want

repeat business."

Does "Billy" sound like the

perfect fall guy now?

Seriously 40 DAMN years later

and Will County Sheriffs Office

still has NOT found a body to

this date. 

Willman "Billy" Redden died

in 2010.  Over 10 years later

Will county still plays the

Public Relations

"Look at us running

around in circles doing exactly

what the "Magician" and his

assistants want us to do.

Playing the R card (Redden) in

this case.  Will county continues to

milk this case for Public Relations

purposes to make themselves

look so RIGHTEOUS after the

Drew Peterson debacle!

Here is another POSSIBLE

example of snare-ware babes

(the magicians assistants) at work. 

Headline reads;

 In 2004, police excavated an old

garage on Noel Road in Joliet in

connection with Sarah’s case. Some

clothing was found, but it couldn’t

be linked to the girl’s disappearance.

If the clothing looked anything

like the dress that "Punky Brewster"

worn in the TV series back in 1984

it is because the magicians assistant,

Ramona Lum Mike Lum's wife,

purchased the dress for

Marie Avon (Sarah Avon's sister)

and stole the dress out of

Marie's suitcase on "Move Day"

when Marie and Sarah's mother

moved out of the "Magicians"

home in Spring of 1985.

Why this tidbit of "intel" should

be of SEROIUS importance will be

explained in the chapter titled;

" Move Day " in my book.

2019-10-19 NCMEC use ground

penetrating radar at garage once

owned by "Billy" Redden.

And STILL no body has been found.

The link to the referenced article

above, read paragraphs

8th thru 11th for "NO body found".


I wish SO many times that

Sarah Avon’s mother had

never said to Harry;

“You can disappear

TOO Mister”.

For I would have never gone

down this very long road.

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