When I say I need social help

I am referring to web based

social media people,

in the age range from

18 years of age on up,

who have the skills and

followers to help

make this story go viral. 

This is NOT a story for children.

At 70 years of age and

still working on closure,

Harry does not have the

luxury of time or resources

to do all of the above

at the same time.

I realize each domain 

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,

LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit

all have their own culture,

character, buzzwords, and

following.  Each has evolved

into their own.


 Harry needs a social

guru for each site.

What makes this story harder

to get the attention of

social media is there are no

15 second funny sound bites.  

One can not tell a 30 PLUS

year story in under 30 seconds.

Result is Social HELP! Video

Harry is TOO old to be

proud and knows he does

 not have that much time

 left on earth at age 70. 

Harry is of the older

generation when we,

the USA, actually

manufactured mainframes

and minicomputers.

At age 18 my first real job

was with RCA mainframe

division back in 1970.

Contact Harry

Phone # is not require

but would be helpful

if your serious.

You must be 18 years

of age or older.

This is NOT a story

for children.

In message area

fill in your link to

your social group

& user name.

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