Nothing like spending

half of your life to

uncover a cover-up.

Sarah Avon "vanished"

on July 21, 1981.


I did NOT start this QUEST until

summer of 1985 AFTER

Sarah Avon's mother said to me;

"You can disappear too,


There are SO many days I wish she

would have never said that to me.



By 2015 my spread-sheet totaled

over $45,000.00 in expenses that

Harry paid for out of his own

PERSONAL pocket.

Harry has NOT added

any expenses to that

spread-sheet since 2015

because it was very

discouraging emotional. 

Thinking about expenses

took to much time away

from the goal of finding

Sarah Avon. With only SSA

as income can be a real

serious dud in any project.


The goal is closure.  To

achieve that Harry has to

get some law enforcement

agency to do the test.

“2 DNA test from 2 women to

see have the same mother.”


That is NOT going to happen

after the FOIA

(Freedom of information act)

denial on 06-02-2021 by

Will county Sheriff’s office.

Only Will county could waste

money for 2 attorneys,

1 representing Will county,

 1 representing Harry Regician

and still come up with nothing.


Click below for 4 page

FOIA denial in pdf format.

The only legal way to get

local authorities attention

is to obtain a

"writ of mandamus".

Details in social injustice.

In the first 10 years I got

spin doctored around by SO

many "professionals" only to

get a bill with nothing to

show for it.  It was pathetic.

TRULY sad.

So I turned to  my own IT skills

into back tracking every

newspaper article I could find

with the “players” names in them.

Even sports memorabilia.

But in the end I really do believe

ALL the statistics are right.

In over 90% of cases like this

"family members" are involved

and this one is no different.


That is the old computer geek

statistical part of me talking.


Harry is too old to be proud

and knows he does not have

that much time left on earth

at the age of 70.

Harry is of the older

generation when the

 USA actually manufactured

mainframes & mini-computers.

Yea, that generation that built

the foundation for the internet.


Who remembers dial-up modems

 with data speeds of 2400 baud ?  

That is when this story began

in 1985 using CompuServe,

(today a Subsidiary of Verizon)

and a search engine called


Way Before Google!

This story turned my life

around to the realization

that parental abduction

cases do NOT receive the

same investigative means 

as stranger abductions

cases in the USA.


To law enforcement

" It's a bunch of

domestic stuff "

and they walk away.

In 2017 I sent  20 videos

to the US Copyright Office

as NON-fiction.

6 months later I received

acknowledgment that the

US Copyright Office had

classified my video's as an

"entire motion picture".


Contributions of $10.00 or more

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video's complied into a

34 minute run time. 

You will NOT be disappointed

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