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  • find sarah avon a solved mystery

    Home Videos Social section About Author Memorabilia Search Results More Call to Action 2 DNA test from 2 women to see if they have the SAME mother? I am making this request because I believe the 2 test will prove I have found the female once known as Sarah Avon alive and well. She was raised by her REAL biological father. One would think that after 40 PLUS years of NEVER finding a body, or any DNA, that Will County Illinois would consider MAYBE there is another possibility. Like back in July 21, 1981 family members were in the area. ( Under take what you need. This article was published 3 weeks AFTER Sarah Avon "vanished"! ) Published on August 11 1981 in the Joliet Herald-News written by John Whiteside Article titled; " `Every mother's nightmare' of missing child haunts woman. " paragraph 12 "Sunday was supposed to be a pleasant day while visiting my sister," Mrs. Avon said. "We got in the car. I looked around to make sure the kids were there. There was no Sarah. It's moments like that when reality hits me. I know she isn't there and might never be there again." ( Harry's comment: Sarah Avon's mother only has ONE sister, Ramona Lum, wife of baseball player Mike Lum. ) Referenced article May 19, 1981 Chicago Tribune; "Cubs hope Lum can wave magic wand over season" Mike Lum is also known for making baseballs disappear . Mike Lum also wants to perform magic shows in the summer (1981) in the Chicago area too like he has done for the last 3 winters in Hawaii. A REAL magician! Check listing for 1980 Atlanta Braves yearbook on this site for more Lum "magic" stuff. Meet Uncle Mike Lum. \/ Card Listed on eBay 1981 Topps #795 Mike Lum ​ Sorry to jump track there but that is how magicians work. ​ ____________________________ Further on in the SAME article ​ 15th paragraph ​ " Mrs. Avon said several rumors have spread that Sarah was found in various places, that she's with a grandmother in California or that she is staying with relatives. None of these rumors is true. " ​ ( Harry's comment : No reference to the other grandmother, from Sarah Avon's mothers side of family, living in Jonesboro Georgia who worked as the head nurse at the Clayton County Public Health Department in Jonesboro Georgia where birth certificates are ISSUED, MAJOR CLUE !!! ) ​ 18th paragraph ​ "They tell me in 98 percent of the cases a close friend or relative takes the child," she said. (referring to Sarah Avon's mother.) ​ Back in 1987 Will county believed SO much they had their "suspect" ( YEA RIGHT! If you believe that then you will believe I am the reincarnation of Harry Houdini. ) Will county Sheriff's detective division did NOT want to hear about another possibility for a REAL reason. REAL reason = $$$$$$. As of July 21, 2021 there still is NO other possible version at Will county sheriff's detective division. ​ ( Harry's comment ; I have my OWN theories about people who make lots of $$ money and never say ONE word about their missing niece. Commonly known as "Follow The Money" in the video section. Local Chicago slogan, "He who is silent says yes. The silences is the consent ." ) In 1987 I called the then ISEARCH division of Illinois State Police in Springfield Illinois and they opened up case #87-Z0810 . ​ ( Harry's comment; This jury is still out to lunch if there ever was a REAL case number ever generated in Springfield Illinois back in 1987. ) ​ ​ On April 30, 2018, 31 years later (2018-1987), Harry sent to Illinois State police in Springfield Illinois a DVD with 2.2 gigabytes of data that included 21 videos and referenced material. ​ I DO have a signed receipt that Springfield Illinois DID receive this MAJOR UPDATE. ​ There is ANOTHER possibility Will County Illinois. It is in the Springfield office of the Illinois State police as an amendment to IL case # 87-Z0810. The amendment sought closure in the Sarah Avon case by obtaining; ​ "2 DNA samples from 2 women to see if they have the SAME mother." OVER 3 years later, NO reply from Illinois State Police in Springfield Illinois. ​ Normally one would request a review by the Attorney General Office in Illinois but due to a ransomware attack at the Attorney General’s office they are really backed up with work. ​ This story is registered with the US Copyright office as NON-Fiction. ​ The lack of interdepartmental cooperation is a very REAL part of this story. ​ This story should have been a newspaper reporters dream come true. An example of what the press can be and can do to help solve cases like this. ​ Search Chicago Tribune 1981 May 19 article titled; "Cubs hope Lum can wave magic wand over season." ​ If you are already an online subscriber to the Chicago Tribune you maybe able to access the archive section at no additional cost. ​ The award winning article in the 1983-01-30 Chicago Tribune authored by Jim Gallagher titled; "Where's Sarah?" is the story that changed my life. ​ In the majority of missing children cases parents AND / OR family members are involved. Author believes those STATISTICS from DOJ (Department of Justice) are VERY true in this story. ​ Why Do This ? Because Will county STILL refuses to listen! ​ 2021-06-01 Harry filed an online FOIA request to Will county asking if Will county had received a copy of the DVD Harry sent to Illinois State Police in Springfield Illinois back in 2018-04-30. 2021-06-02 Will County Sheriff's Office not only DENIED Harry's FOIA request but is filing 2 criminal felony charges against Harry for "Obstruction of Justice" AND "Interfere with pending or actually and reasonably contemplated law enforcement proceedings" ​ 2 criminal felony charges when you LEGALLY asked Will County S heriff's office, under due process of a FOIA request, "Did you get the "intel" I sent to Springfield Illinois over 3 years ago?" ​ Throw you in jail when YOU have a picture to submit to law enforcement for age progression software analytics is NOT going to happen via Will County Sheriffs Office detective division. ​ Make a convicted felon out of the messenger is what happens when you DO NOT have a "Daley In" in the state of Illinois ​ To even think, (let alone question authority), as to if there is a Chicago style cover up going on in Will County Illinois OR at the State of Illinois Police department in Springfield Illinois with the Sarah Avon case is absolutely absurd . Link to Absurd below. ​ Link to Social Injustice page Video titled; "Take Away's From This Story" Take Aways From This Story Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied YOUTUBE CHANNEL ​ findsarahavon ​ Disclaimer: YouTube sorts videos the way YouTube wants them. So start off with # 1, 2, etc. To view the good stuff you must log in as an adult. ​ Video quality is AMATEUR at best. More like garage underground level. Recorded from 2015 to 2017. Have not enable to UPDATE due to personal health. ​ Videos DO tell a 30 PLUS year story. Videos are a dead-man's testimonial in case I should "vanish" like SO many others have in this story. ​ In 2017, under NON-Fiction, 21 videos received US Copyright protection classified as an "entire motion picture" . ​ US Copyright Registration youtube channel To contact Harry Click to go back to top of home page #sarahavon, #sarah_avon #coverup, #cover_up #mikelum, #mike_lum Be the first to know! 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  • Charley Lau BB cards | findsarahavon

    Charley Lau Charley Lau would become one name that every baseball player remembered from 1978 to his death in 1984. Even today just mention the name Charley Lau to any baseball player and coach from little league on up and I guarantee you a reaction. ​ His number # 1 protégé, most famous and successful player, that Lau coached was George Brett. Charley Lau was coaching with the Kansas City Royals. In 1980, George Brett's batting average of .390 came SO close to breaking Ted Williams record of batting .400. George Brett's life time batting average in the majors of .305 is testament that Lau's theory's on hitting definitely helped George Brett. ​ Sports writers were very critical of Charley Lau's training of George Brett going as far as calling his hitting style "helicopter". ​ To this author what makes a great coach is one who gets their student to place every ounce of energy directed towards the goal of being the best in the sport for that moment and time in life. ​ I have read BOTH of Charley Lau's books; "The Art of Hitting .300" and "The Winning Hitter: How to Play Championship Baseball" ​ Charley Lau would even be a movie as "Charley Lau", hitting coach for the Chicago White Sox; "Max Dugan Returns". This was Matthew Broderick's first major film role in Hollywood. ​ Further comments about the influence that Charley Lau had on baseball will be in my book. 1960 Topps # 312 1963 Topps #41 1964 Topps #229 1965 Topps #94 1967 Topps # 329 ​ NOTE: Sale helps support my project along with legal fees. USPS trackable First class mail on ALL items. ​ USPS Priority Large envelop when combined with other items. USPS Priority Large Envelope can hold up to 4 baseball yearbooks and media guides. COMBO shipping ONLY available in USA. You must request a total BEFORE paying. FLORIDA RESIDENTS ONLY: Include the COUNTY along with City and zip code that I am shipping too. NOT all counties have the SAME tax rate in Florida. ​ PayPal ONLY NO RETURNS ​ NO RETURNS ​ ALL cards Charely Lau cards are $99.00 per card. For an EXTRA $99.00 card WILL arrive with a COA (certificate of authenticity) as being an item from Harry Regician's personal collection acquired over a 30 PLUS year time frame that are being sold to raise money for a legal defense thanks to Will county. ​ email for total below. email Harry for a total Return to TOP of this page Back to Baseball Cards Return to Home Page #charlie_lau

  • baseball-cards | inventory | findsarahavon

    Chicago Trifecta 1982 Mike Lum Chicago Cubs T rifecta card set includes 1982 Topps # 732, 1982 Donruss # 300, 1982 Fleer # 599 ​ Mike Lum is the UNCLE of Sarah Avon! ​ AND / OR ​ Sarah Avon is the niece of Mike Lum. ​ I am SURE if you are a fan of baseball, " One thing has nothing to do with the other " ​ NOTE: Sale helps support my project Shipping weight is 1 ounce. USPS First Class trackable. Baseball cards can go into USPS Priority Large Envelope with purchase of yearbooks at NO extra charge for shipping. COMBO shipping ONLY available in USA. You must request a total BEFORE paying. FLORIDA RESIDENTS ONLY: Florida residents MUST ask for a total BEFORE paying. Include the COUNTY along with City and ZIP code I am shipping too. NOT all counties have the SAME tax rate. ​ PayPal ONLY NO RETURNS ​ NO REFUNDS ​ Comes with COA (certificate of authenticity ) as being an item from Harry Regician's personal collection acquired over a 30 year time frame. ​ Like any good collectable item it is the story that goes with the item that makes it worth it's price. ​ LIMITED supply! $199.00 ​ for the 1982 Trifecta Mike Lum baseball cards set that includes a ​ COA ​ Limit one trifecta set per email account. email Harry to purchase #mike_lum, #chicago_cubs #1982topps_732, #1982donross_300, #1982fleer_599

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