Hank Aaron card

1981 Hank Aaron by Williams Print Comp F

ONLY Hank Aaron card I have.

Enclosed in 2 layers of plexiglass.

Hope that explains the small

screws in each corner.

It is NOT a sealed card

or a graded card.

Hank Aaron let Mike Lum pinch

hit for him one time.  To hear

Mike Lum talk about it in 2021

one would think Mike Lum was

the "chosen one" of all by

Hank Aaron.  Actually 4 other baseball players pinch hit for

Hank Aaron too.

Mike Lum has plenty of time to 

talk to sports writers and on

sports news cast shows about that moment in life.  Yet Mike Lum

has NEVER said ONE word about

his missing niece Sarah Avon.

Moral to that story is become

a "God of the Long Ball"

and NO one will say one bad

word about you.  For if you

do you will NEVER get that

sports exclusive from any

ball player ever again.

Direct quote;

Harry talking to a news reporter

in Chicago; "Why don't you ask

Mike Lum where he and his wife

were at when Sarah Avon


Reporter; "You don't ask a man

like that a question like that."

So Chicago if you have NOT

heard about this version of the

Sarah Avon case why don't you

ask one of your news reporters.

Video # 11 titled;

"Squashed Chicago Style"


Sale helps support my project    findsarahavon.com

along with legal fees thanks to

Will county Illinois sheriff's

FOIA denial and appeal.

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USPS Priority Large Envelope can

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and /or media guides.


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(certificate of authenticity)

as being the ONLY Hank Aaron

 card in Harry Regician's

personal collection acquired

over a 30 PLUS year time frame.

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