1981 Hank Aaron
PAL card

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Mike Lum pinch hit

ONE time for

Hank Aaron

in 1969.

Imagine Hank Aaron sitting down

next to you and telling you to go

pinch-hit for him.

That is what the press release

would lead you to believe

but watch the video below

for what really happened.

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NOW imagine this  ?

In 1981 Mike Lum's niece,

Sarah Avon,

" vanishes " from

Joliet Illinois less than 60 miles

south of Chicago Illinois

while Uncle Mike Lum is under

contract with the Chicago Cubs

owned by the Tribune Empire.


Over 40 years later

UNCLE Mike Lum

has never said ONE word

PUBLICLY about his

"missing niece"

Sarah Avon EVER.


Lum has all the time in the world

to do a video within 2 weeks AFTER

the death of Hank Aaron in 2021

about the ONE time Mike Lum got

to pinch hit for Hank Aaron

back in 1969.



Notice how the "Magicians" grins as

he smiles right at you and never says

one word about his niece

Sarah Avon.

Now that is a "magician".

Notice how NO ONE in baseball or

ANY sports "news" reporter ever ask

this "God of the Long Ball";

" Mike; Is Sarah Avon, the child who

went missing from Joliet Illinois

back in July 21, 1981

your niece Mike Lum ? "

You will NEVER hear that on ANY

media site. For if you did you

would be black listed by MANY

media companies from ever

being able to place any ad.

I guarantee you NO ONE in baseball

or ANY sports reporter will

ever ask that question.

Why ? Because none of them will

ever get that great exclusive news

story from anyone else in baseball

ever again.

In over 90% of missing children cases

family members are involved. 

The Sarah Avon case is NO different.

Being an uncle of Sarah Avon,

like Mike Lum IS or an aunt

like Mike Lum's wife Ramona Lum

IS does NOT meet the

"political correctness"

definition of "family members"

in the law enforcement

communities of

Will County Sheriffs Office

investigation division or

Illinois State Police or

Attorney General of Illinois or

Governor of Illinois

or baseball,

or news media,

etc, etc, etc.

It's a free press if you own it.

Seriously call up the

Chicago Tribune's

great investigative news reporting

department and ask them why

they squashed this story back

in 1987?  NOT FICTION !

1981 Hank Aaron by Williams Print Comp FRONT  85.jpg
1981 Hank Aaron by Williams Print Comp BACK  85.jpg

This is classic Mike Lum

" The Magician "

Notice at bottom of baseball card

 "Tips from The Braves

Join me and the Braves

along with the Atlanta

Police Athletics League

in  having  a

Safe Summer '81. "

Mike Lum's niece Sarah Avon 

"vanishes" on July 21, 1981.

To this year, 2022,

Uncle Mike Lum has never

said one word about

Sarah Avon EVER.

I mean who could ask for MORE press coverage than having

Hank Aaron,

Ted Turner,

the entire Chicago Cubs

baseball team, 

the Chicago Tribune,

Tribune Media televising the "vanishment" of

Uncle Mike Lum's niece,

Sarah Avon,

across the entire USA

showing community support

in Mike Lum's efforts to find

Sarah Avon ?

This happened ONE week 

BEFORE Adam Walsh being abducted and found dead.

No body or DNA has ever

been found in the Sarah Avon

case EVER for over

40 years now.

In 2010 Mike Lum's son,

Chad Lum is charged with murder

in Austin Texas.  Chad Lum was a

Travis County corrections officer

arrested at his home for 1st degree murder of Michael Readon

and possession of cocaine.

2021 March trial datearrives

. Chad Lum's ex-wife has

" vanished " too just

like Sarah Avon and Mike Lum

says nothing about his sons arrest

or his ex-daughter-in-law

" vanishing " too just like

Sarah Avon. 

In 2011 Mike Lum DOES have all

the time, after the death of Chuck

Tanner, to do a fund raiser for the

Chuck Tanner memorial hospital

in Southwest Atlanta under the

slogan of " We Are Family "

selling baseball patches with the

number 7 on them for $19.95

each in memory of Chuck Tanner

while his son, Chad Lum

is pending trial for murder

in Austin Texas.

Yea that is Mike Lum 

" The Magician "

Almost forgot.

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