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1st  In the 30 year history of

"The Tonight Show

Starring Johnny Carson"

only ONE quest was a


1st person to name who

that NO SHOW was

gets a sports memorabilia

item free!

If you know WHERE that

"NO SHOW" was at when they

should have been on the

"Tonight Show" you just hit the daily double.  You get an

additional sports memorabilia

item like a baseball yearbook.

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Harry your answer.

# 2 Trivia question

How many baseball players got to pinch hit for Hank Aaron?

1st person to name the number of players gets a baseball card.

If you can name each player then you will get 5 baseball cards!

# 3 Trivia question.

Who is known for the

baseball quote;

"There are 2 ways to hit the knuckleball.  Unfortunately

neither one works."

The correct answer gets you

a baseball yearbook.

If you can tell me what movie

he was in as himself you get

a baseball card too!

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