Charley Lau

Charley Lau would become one

name that every baseball player

remembered from 1978 to his

death in 1984. Even today just

mention the name Charley Lau

to any baseball player and

coach from little league on up

and I guarantee you a reaction.

His number # 1 protégé, most

famous and successful player, that

Lau coached was George Brett.

Charley Lau was coaching with

the Kansas City Royals. 

In 1980, George Brett's batting

average of .390 came SO close

to breaking Ted Williams record

of batting .400.

George Brett's life time batting

average in the majors of .305 is

testament that Lau's theory's

 on hitting definitely helped

George Brett.

Sports writers were very critical of

Charley Lau's training of George

Brett going as far as calling his

hitting style "helicopter".

To this author what makes a great

coach is one who gets their

student to place every ounce of

energy directed towards the goal

of being the best in the sport for

that moment and time in life.

I have read BOTH 

of Charley Lau's books;

"The Art of Hitting .300"


"The Winning Hitter: How to

Play Championship Baseball" 

Charley Lau would even be a

movie as "Charley Lau", hitting

coach for the Chicago White Sox;

"Max Dugan Returns".

This was Matthew Broderick's first

major film role in Hollywood.

Further comments about the

influence that Charley Lau had on

baseball will be in my book.

1960 Topps # 312

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1964 Topps #229

1964 Topps 229 Charley Lau Front   res 100.jpg
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1965 Topps #94

1965 Topps 94 Charlie Lau Front  100 res.jpg
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1967 Topps # 329

1967 Topps 329 Charley Lau Front  res 100.jpg
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