Items that I purchased over a

30 PLUS year part of my life.


I KNEW that somewhere

baseball was going to be

the answer to this quest.

I just did not know where.

So I ended up becoming

a baseball memorabilia



ALL items, purchased on

this site come with a COA

(certificate of authenticity)

as being part of the

Harry Regician collection.

79 Braves YB Front Cover  RED 60.jpg
1980 Braves Yearbook  FRONT  3 x 4 120 dpi res 50.jpg

The PERFECTA Package

1979 & 1980 Atlanta Braves Year

Books in VERY GOOD condition


Stored in temperature

control storage.


1979 issue, Gene Gerber is

on the cover.  Great write up on

Phil Niekro and Pete Rose too.

The center fold out features pitchers

Phil Niekro and Gene Garber.

Isn't this suppose to have hitters?


Nice write up about Mike Lum's

return to the Atlanta Braves

from the Cincinnati Reds.

“ Home Is Where The Heart Is  "


1980 Atlanta Braves Year Book

“Braves Illustrated“

What is with the Crystal Ball and

the Tarot Cards Bobby Cox ?

Nice Braves power package

center fold out includes

Bob Horner

Chris Chambliss

Dale Murphy

Gary Matthews

The center fold out is SO large

( 3 page fold out )

I can not scan it into my PC.

I still think Dale Murphy

should be in the Hall of Fame

in Cooperstown NY

but what do I know.

The article write up titled

“Homestead; What it really means“

by Ramona Lum is MORE than

touching.  The section about

“Child development" is

well, over the top, being

Ramona Lum is Sarah Avon's

aunt and has never said one

word about her missing

niece Sarah Avon.

Between the “Crystal Ball“, the

"Magician" ( Mike Lum ) and the

write up by Ramon Lum, makes

 the 1980 Braves yearbook

Harry Regician's ALL time

favorite baseball yearbook.

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my project

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PLEASE NOTE: From Harry Regician's

PERSONAL collection of items that

were acquired over a 30 year period.



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(certificate of authenticity)

from the personal collection

of Harry Regician.

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