​Harry Regician is my

pseudonym /author name

for the  works of art

that I have encountered

in my journey thru life.

The  Harry" part comes

from my childhood

admiration for

Harry  Houdini.

“Harry“ as his friends would

call him, had a knack of

getting out of

difficult situations.

I am going to need everyone

of those “knacks” PLUS

more to achieve my goal.

The term " Regician " is a

hybrid word combining two

words into one name.

The 1st half is from a

tech term known as



Regenerative braking is

inside ALL hybrid & electric

vehicles today. When you

step on the brakes it makes 

the electric motor become

a generator. The forward

motion of the car turns the

NOW generator, which

recharges the battery pack

inside the electric car

or hybrid vehicle.

Regeneration has also

become a real word in the

medical industry, thanks to

one bio-tech company

that has done VERY well for

both it's patients and their

stock holders too.

Amazing stuff by the way.

In digital forensics 

technology, it is called

data recovery, as in

computer forensics,

cell phone forensics,
web forensics and
financial forensics.

The 2nd half is from the word

" Magician ".

A "person of interest" in

this story can make things

" vanish " like baseballs !

The term "vanishment" is a

REAL magician terminology

word I discovered in doing

homework on modern

day magic.  Vanishments

require assistants

like a CABAL.


Like when David Copperfield

made the statue of Liberty

" vanishment " trick while

it was still standing in

place the entire time.


The timing of the video

engineer switching the

camera feed from night level

cameras to daylight cameras

at the right time.  Because

daylight cameras at night


Yea it was that cheesy of a

trick. Notice there were NO

more one hour specials on

TV with David Copperfield

since that stunt.

The most difficult tricks by

most magician standards are

card tricks. They can do the

SAME card trick right in

front of your eyes time

and time again and you

still can not figure it out!

The magician in this story

is KNOWN throughout the

industry for making baseballs

disappear !  In fact there is

MORE than one newspaper

article printed about his

ability to do this.

Back newspaper articles are

a very REAL part in  solving

this mystery.