The Full Story


No one “vanishes” without a trace!


This story is about

another possibility

that may have answers to the

disappearance “vanishment”

(that is a magician term)

of Sarah Elizabeth Avon

from Joliet Illinois

on July 21, 1981.


To exclude words like

“another possibility”

and “that may answer” requires

“2 DNA samples from 2 women

to find out if they have

the SAME mother”


It’s very simple people NO body or

DNA has ever been recovered in

the Sarah Avon case.


Author believes the statistics

are right that family

members were involved.


Clues that law enforcement not

only refuses to verify but actually

threaten Harry Regician with

2 felonies after Harry filed a FOIA

request / asking if Will county

Illinois if they ever received

the MAJOR update sent to

Illinois State Police in regards

to IL #87-Z0810 which was

received by Springfield

on April 30, 2018.


Classic interdepartmental

cooperation USA

style that we have

become accustom to.


"2 DNA test from 2 women to see

if they have the same mother!"


Your statistics are right

Department of Justice

family member's were in the area services needed

in this case


I can read for miles and so can you

AFTER you buy my flow chart / eBook. 

Video's area SAMPLE of what is part of

this 30 PLUS year story in the making.

If interested in a beta release version

of book please contact me.

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