What This Is
ALL About !

No one “vanishes”

without a trace!

See picture below!

Another Chicago

style con job ?


This story is about another

possibility that may have

answers to the



(that is a magician term)

of Sarah Elizabeth Avon

from Joliet Illinois

on July 21, 1981.

To exclude words like

another possibility” and

“that may answer” requires

“ 2 DNA samples from

2 women to find out if they

have the SAME mother ”


It is this authors

FIRM belief the

reason NO body or

DNA has ever been

recovered & NEVER will

be recovered in the

Sarah Avon case is

the picture below.


Author believes the statistics

are right that family

members were involved.


Your statistics are



(Department of Justice)

family member's were

in the area !


services needed

in this case.

The number ONE lead in this

entire case was printed in the

Herald-News 3 weeks after

Sarah Avon "vanished"

with Sarah Avon's mother

shooting her mouth off by


" It is when I go to visit my

sister  ...  that it hits me! "

NO one can call themselves

an investigator and miss

a lead like that.

Unless your in Will County

where your sister is NOT

classified as a family

member due to being the

wife of a Chicago Cubs

baseball player named

Mike Lum back in 1981.

The following law enforcement

and / or agency's HAVE

received this information.


2012-06-05 NCMEC

National Center for

Missing & Exploited


Call center in

Lake Park Florida

2018-04-30 Illinois State

police in Springfield Illinois

as an amendment to Illinois

case # 87-Z0810.


2021-07-21 Illinois Attorney

Generals Office FOIA

appeal division.

2021-07-21 Illinois State

Attorney's office in

Springfield Illinois.

Also enclosed was a written

request that the detective

division of the Will county

sheriff's office, be


for corruption too.

2021-07-21 Governor of the

State of Illinois in

Springfield Illinois office.

I can read for miles

and so can you

my flow chart - book

will walk one thru this



Video titled

"Happy Belated

Daddies Day"

on youtube.com

The video is just a SAMPLE

of what is part of this 30+ 

year story in the making.

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