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1979 Atlanta Braves Year Book

in VERY GOOD condition.


The write up titled;

"Home Is Where The Heart Is"

reminds me of the Parable about

the Prodigal Son returning home

in the Bible Luke 15:11–32



Love the Bowie Kuhn photo

with Mike Lum wearing a

Cincinnati Reds uniform.




from the wiki page under

"take what you need'

Kuhn suspended numerous players

for involvement with drugs and

gambling, and took a strong

stance against ANY activity that

he perceived to be "not in the

best interests of baseball".


Harry's comment;  I can only

 I wonder what Bowie Kuhn

would have done if he were to hear

about the Sarah Avon "vanishing".

At the same time what is baseball

going to do when they learn that

Mike Lum is the uncle of Sarah Avon,

Lum has never said one word about

his missing niece to anyone EVER!

Harry's gut feeling is baseball

already knows about this one

going back to late 80s

thanks to James Gallagher.

Hopefully no more baseball

management level personal will

get busted for DUI, drunk driving,

going down a one way street the

wrong way after hearing

about this story over dinner. 

Like in December 2011 when

Frank Coonelly, past president

of the Pittsburgh Pirates,

learned about Chad Lum,

Mike Lum's only son, being

charged with murder in April 2010.


Frank Coonelly was arrested on

December 22, 2011.  This story

was NOT released until

Feb 23, 2012 after a news reporter

starting asking questions by phone

calls to the Bradenton Florida office.

There was ONLY a "Press Release"

of an apology. I still wonder to this

date if it was when Frank was told

about Chad Lum, Mike Lum's ONLY

son, was pending trial for murder in

Austin Texas in 2011. 

Notice Chad Lum's name was

NEVER linked by ANY ONE in the

news media in Austin Texas as

being the son of Mike Lum.

Don't you wish you were a

"God of the Long Ball"

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