1974 Braves

Year Book

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1974 Atlanta Braves Year Book

with Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth

on the cover.

They made SO much money

off of Hank Aaron. Anyway.

Nice 4 pages of write up

about Hank Aaron

“And Then it Came to Pass“.

Nice color graphic painting

of Hank Aaron too.


Hank Aaron is not a registered

trademark but a baseball

landmark in history.


These things happen when

you were a true living legend.


Then 2 page write up

on Mike Lum

“How About A Nice

Hawaiian Punch.“

With a sketch drawing

of the Hawaiian

punch character

"Punchy" too.





PUNCHY ® Character are

registered trademarks of

Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.


The write up about Mike Lum's

"first love next to baseball is

horses, an interest that goes back

to his childhood days in Hawaii."

"I remember when a bunch of us

found a horse in some woods all

tangled up in ropes and about to

starve to death," Lum said.

"We untangled him, gave him

some food and took him home

with us. The kids....." to read

more you must buy the year book.

I mean seriously touching stuff.

Sarah Avon IS Mike Lum’s niece.

Not one word EVER

spoken by Mike Lum to this

date about the “vanishment”

of Sarah Avon.

Also; "he wanted a shot at the

job of replacing Hank Aaron

when the current super

star retires."

Mike Lum would later be

quoted in an Atlanta

newspaper, in 1979,

"as far as I am concerned,

Dale Murphy can

sell his glove!"


We all know how those

two turned out.


Then 2 pages on

Darrell Evans.

“Best Performance

by a Supporting

Home Run Slugger.“


Then 2 pages

“He also serves who

sits and waits.“

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