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2 DNA test from 2 women

to see if they have the

SAME mother?

I am making this request

because I believe the

2 test will prove I have

found the female once

known as Sarah Avon

alive and well. She was

raised by her biological father.


One would think that after

39 years of NEVER finding a body

or any DNA that Will County Illinois

would consider maybe there is

another possibility.

Like back in July 1981 family

members were in the area.


(Under take what you need)

Published on August 11 1981

in the Joliet Herald

written by John Whiteside

Article titled;

" `Every mother's nightmare' of

missing child haunts woman. "

paragraph 12

"Sunday was supposed to be a

pleasant day while visiting my sister,"

Mrs. Avon said. 

"We got in the car.  I looked around

to make sure the kids were there. 

There was no Sarah. 

It's moments like that when

reality hits me.  I know she isn't there

and might never be there again.

Harry's comment: 

Sarah Avon's mother only has one

sister. That sister was  living in  Chicago

Illinois in 1981 with her husband a

Chicago Cubs baseball player known

for making baseballs disappear.


Further on in the SAME article

15th paragraph

 " Mrs. Avon said several rumors have

spread that Sarah was found in various

places, that she's with a grandmother

in California or that she is staying with

relatives. None of these rumors is true. "

Harry's comment: 

No reference to the other

grandmother living in Jonesboro

Georgia who worked at the

Clayton County Public Health

Department in Jonesboro Georgia

where birth certificates



18th paragraph

"They tell me in 98 percent of the

cases a close friend or relative

takes the child," she said.

(referring to Sarah Avon's mother.)

Back in 1987 Will county believed SO

much (yea right)  that they had their

"suspect" Will county did NOT want to

hear about another possibility.

There was NO other version if

you were Will County Illinois.


So I called the then ISEARCH division

of Illinois State Police in Springfield

and they opened case #87-Z0810

back in 1987.  Only Illinois could

have 2 different case numbers.

Along with the usual

interdepartmental cooperation

that the citizens of the USA

are too use to seeing.

On April 30,  2018,  31 years later

(2018-1987), Harry sent to Illinois

State police in Springfield Illinois a

DVD with 2.2 gigabytes of

video and referenced material.

I DO have a signed receipt that

Springfield Illinois DID receive


There is ANOTHER possibility Will

County.  It is in the Springfield office

of the Illinois State police as an

amendment to IL case # 87-Z0810.

The amendment sought closure in

the Sarah Avon case by obtaining;

"2 DNA samples from 2 women

to find out if they have the

SAME mother."

Normally one would request a

review by the Attorney General

Office in Illinois but due to a


attack the attorneys have NOT been

able to access their own computers!

Seriously down for OVER one month.

No WONDER emailing the

Attorney Generals office in

Springfield Illinois does

NO good.

This story is registered with

the US Copyright office

as NON-Fiction.

The lack of


cooperation is a very

REAL part of  story.


This story should have been a

newspaper reporters dream

come true.  An example of what

the press can be and can do

to help solve cases like this.

In the majority of missing children
cases parents AND / OR
family members are involved.
Author believes those STATISTICS

from DOJ (department of justice)

are VERY true in this story.


 #newspaper #reporters #statistics

#sarahavon #missingchildren


Ehrich Weiss (2).jpg


Why Do This ?


Will county refuses to listen.

When I filed a FOIA request

to Will county asking if

Will county had received a

copy of the DVD Harry

sent to Springfield Illinois

on 2018-04-30, Will county

threatened Harry with

obstruction of justice,

a criminal felony charge !

Throw you in jail when YOU

have a picture for age

progression software.

Commonly know as

" kill the messenger "

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